The Pursuit of Purity…myth or reality?

Self Portrait No. 2 | Mixed media on canvas | 2009

An artist is tasked with several responsibilities: capture the journey within him or herself, interpret what they observe in the society and world around them, and allow themselves to be a prophetic lens and voice.

Being a person who is 100% pure is a pipe dream, and a myth. Even babies are not pure. However, the pursuit of purity is filled with such purpose, play, and fulfillment. I believe at our core, we humans yearn for that pursuit.

However, the pursuit of purity is filled with such purpose, play and fulfillment.

For me, being an artist pursuing purity challenges me to let go, a lot. I have to let go of what I conventionally and traditionally deem as value-add. I have to do the work to see my ego and constantly leaving it at the altar. This enables me to have a clear plate and hopefully a Good Eye, just long enough to see my ego again, and then, you guess it: submitting it again at the altar. I can then try and focus on capturing what is true for me and true for my surroundings.

Doing this has immense consequences. When I am able to see what is true, a mystical reprogramming of my neurons take place. I also find myself not responding to the winds of the world, rather I am trusting the Holy Spirit within me to guide me and navigate my creative process. That stuff is very hard. Yet Rewarding! It’s through that guidance that an iota of the Beauty of God is painted. It’s through that guidance that prophesies are brought forth.

I encourage you to pursue purity, ruthlessly. Each hour. Each second. Each week. Each day. Individually and Collectively.


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